Barry Rothstein 3D
Welcome to my world

Barry is a 3-D manaic and proud of it.
Why 3-D?

One day during the winter of 2003 I saw a stereoscope at an antique store. Not only was I was awe-struck by the cool 3-D images, but also at my complete ignorance of stereo (3-D) photograpy. From the mid 1800's through the early 1900's stereoscopes and stereo cards were common in many households, and in these pre-radio and television days, people were able to experience 3-D sights of the world in in their homes.

Stereoscope and stereoscope cards
Almost all of us see the world in 3-D in all our waking moments, but we've become entirely accustomed to photography as almost exclusively a 2-D medium. For me no more. Since that day my focus has been to discover and produce images that thrill me, and in turn thrill others.
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